A process where liquid solvents, possessing little or no water, mix with soil and stains in fabric. The term “dry cleaning” comes from the fact that there is no water involved in the cleaning process. The liquid solvent does not lessen the strength of or pierce fibers in fabric, whereas water penetrates and weakens fibers, which is why some fabrics are labeled dry clean only. Dry cleaning is beneficial when it comes to removing oil and/or grease stains, as well as preserving delicate fabrics. When done properly, dry cleaning can bring old garments back to that “new” status


Some garments can be laundered, the process of cleaning garments with water, soap and additives, without damaging their fabric. Items such as laundry shirts, comforters, bed and/or table linen etc. are prepped by thoroughly scrubbing inside the collars and/or on stains of garments where needed, then followed up by stronger chemicals when we come across those stubborn spots. The garments will then be laundered, after being separated based on color, with soap and additives prior to being professionally pressed by our experienced staff members. The laundry shirts are pressed while wet using pressing equipment designed solely for laundry shirts. These machines use high pressure and heat to create that professional, crisp finish. Comforters, sheets, linen, etc. are first laundered to rid the garments of any foul odor and/or stains, followed by a short cycle in the dry cleaning machine to bring it back to that silky smooth feeling. All items are normally hung on hangers that correspond to the proper garments, unless you prefer to have your items folded and bagged. It makes no difference to us; your satisfaction is our only concern.


We have a professional, on-site tailor with over 40 years of experience who does everything from A to Z.


Aside from clothing, we clean and preserve household items such as: comforters, sheets, pillowcases, couch covers, drapery, curtains, duvets, rugs, etc.


Animal skins react differently when it comes to traditional cleaning methods. Our off-site Leather Specialist uses equipment, solvents and cleaning methods solely for preserving leather, suede, animal skins, etc. In one week’s time, your old, diminished leather jacket will be looking as good as new!


Starting at $100, we clean, preserve and box any type of wedding dress. From the moment we get your dress, it is checked thoroughly for any stains that need to be pre-spotted or any delicate beads/gems that need to be wrapped in foil to protect them from breaking. Before being washed, the dress is placed in a professional dry cleaning bag for safety. Once cleaned, the dress is spotted once more and placed in the dry cleaning machine for a finishing touch. Lastly, the dress is preserved and boxed for proper storage, ready to be picked up by its owner.