A Little About Us

Your Cleaners is a family owned and driven business running twenty-three years strong. With our decades of experience, we have acquired tremendous knowledge in the field of dry cleaning in addition to tailoring. The state of the art equipment we provide allows us to restore your garments in an eco-friendly manner, along with our thorough day-to-day cleaning procedures.

What makes us individual is the determination we put into each of your garments. We have developed a seven-step process to ensure you with top quality services, along with excellent customer service to make your trip to the dry cleaners a phenomenal one.



The moment you drop off your order it is placed in a secure dry cleaning bag to later be tagged by one of our loyal staff members. Each garment is thoroughly examined for objects that are either valuable to the owner so we can return them or can cause damage while in the dry cleaning or laundry machine. Once examined, we then place a small ticket on each garment with a professional tagging gun that does not harm fabrics of any kind. These tickets will allow us to locate what order each garment belongs to once the cleaning and pressing steps are fulfilled.


After being tagged, we place each garment in a light, medium or dark load depending on their color. The pockets of every garment are checked once again to ensure that there are no objects harmful to fabrics inside them. Certain items need to be handled with more care than others. For instance, garments with zippers on them are fastened with foil so the inside walls of the dry-cleaning machine does not break them. Neckties are placed in special safety bags to protect the unique stitching. Items with beaded designs are placed in special safety bags as well to ensure protection from anything getting hooked onto the inner walls of the dry cleaning machine.


Before putting the loads into either the dry cleaning or laundry machine, we examine each garment carefully for stains and apply hot steam at a high pressure with a spotting gun mixed with different chemical(s) that remove stains determined to at least break down the stain before it gets washed or dry cleaned. Each chemical contains different substances that remove stains made of various components. The garments then get placed in either the laundry or dry cleaning machine depending on each individual fabric type, some fabrics have better results when being laundered first and then dry cleaned.


Now that the loads are ready to be washed or dry cleaned, we determine where they go and begin the cleaning cycles. The laundry machine uses water to mix with soil and stains within the fabric while moving in a drum at a pace that depends on what kind of cycle you initiated. Once the washing cycle is done, unless it is a laundry shirt it has to be placed into another machine called a Dryer and dried at a cycle corresponding to the load. Dry cleaning on the other hand does not use water; it is a process that uses a liquid solvent to remove soil and stains from fabric. Water tends to penetrate and weaken fibers in garments while dry cleaning does not. Dry cleaning can remove oil and grease stains in a way that water and detergent cannot. A dry cleaning machine is much bigger than a washing machine, however they have a similar look. Unlike a washing machine, a dry cleaning machine cleans and dries the loads in the same machine. This is why it is called “dry” cleaning; aside from the fact there is no water involved in the process.


Once more, we examine each garment carefully for stains and apply hot steam at a high pressure with a spotting gun mixed with different chemical(s) that remove stains. Most stains will be gone after being spotted before and after the garment is cleaned, however there are some stains that are permanent due to their substance and how long they have been on the fabric. The garments are now ready to be pressed by our professional staff members.


Each garment is handled differently depending on the type of fabric. Some fabrics are more delicate than others and require the experience of a pinnacle in fabric care. All garments are hand-finished to ensure that there are no minor creases in areas hard for the machine to press. Fabrics such as wool and wool blends require little heat using a soft press method to avoid resulting with a shiny finishing product. Other fabrics like cotton or linen require extra heat and pressure to produce a pleasing, firm result.


The pressed garments are individually taken to the order they belong to until all orders are complete and can be inspected one last time. Our staff members remove the ticket off each garment and place plastic protectors over them to ensure that they will not get dirty.